Virtual Consultation

Dr. Deepa Williams, DDS


Hello, I’m Dr. Deepa Williams, DDS and I am committed to providing you with exceptional and compassionate oral health care. Nothing is more important to me than your health and well-being. I believe that dental care shouldn’t be financially burdensome or difficult to obtain, especially when you are in a vulnerable state and experiencing a dental emergency. I am here to offer compassion, empathy, and the expertise you deserve to help you through a difficult time.

If you have a dental emergency and would like to talk to me for up to a brief 15-minute complimentary phone consultation about your emergency, simply fill out the Virtual Contact Form at the bottom of this page and I will personally receive your message directly to my email and I will contact you shortly. Once our discussion is complete, you will have the option to schedule an in-person appointment to receive the additional care and attention you may need. I also want to mention that it is only in the most rarest of circumstances that I may not be able to respond to your emergency in a timely manner as I may personally have some sort of emergency or family matter that I am attending to.

Virtual Appointments for Dental Emergencies

Our virtual appointments are the ideal option for patients who need immediate dental care after-hours due to:
• Oral pain or discomfort
• Chipped, cracked, or knocked out teeth
• Dental trauma or sports injuries
• Dental abscesses and infections
• Lost restorations (fallen out)
• Other emergency dental concerns

Virtual Consultation