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Mikey W
4 hours ago

Deepa Williams and her team is awesome, super helpful. Thank you all for your time and being just awesome.

Keith Hoovis
8 hours ago

Always a great experience. Absolutely the best dentist office I have worked with in 60 years. You will not find a better doctor and office staff to work with.

Steven Cruz
19 hours ago

Es excelente

Dan Chesters
2 days ago

Genuine professional care and very friendly and courteous people. Thorough examination and detailed treatment options. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need.

Gail Gagnon
2 days ago

Unique Smiles Dentistry is just a wonderful place to have your teeth cleaned and/or fixed! Dr Williams is such a kind and compassionate person ! I would really recommend her!

Matt S
6 days ago

Very friendly staff, the doctor and hygienists are great and I was in and out fast!

Dan Kreassig
6 days ago

I have the best hygentist in the world

Beverly Ficken
a week ago

Due to our dental insurance changing, we chose this dental practice. The receptionist, Jann, Erika, the dental hygienist, and Dr. Deepa Williams, DDS, herself, were all wonderful! They were very, very thorough and took their time with me, which I appreciated. My experience with them was outstanding and I give them 5 stars!

Gina Rindt
a week ago

What a great experience! I never thought I'd say that about going to the dentist! Amazingly kind, patient, knowledgeable and thorough staff. Dr. Williams and her team have exactly what it takes to provide great care and an outstanding patient experience. I'm so grateful that I took a chance on them. I can very easily recommend Unique Smiles Dentistry.

Rick Ringle
2 weeks ago

Was just in for 6 month check up. Cleaned teeth. Friendly staff. All is good.

Monica Hamann
a month ago

I had broken a tooth and they were able to get me in next day early and the whole team did such a great job. Dr and Assistant made me feel comfortable and informed. The whole office is so accommodating.

Donna Gonzalez
2 months ago

Absolutely, unequivocally without a doubt, the best dentist and hygienist I’ve had in 50 years! Staff is very welcoming and comforting. Dr Williams’s office rocks! There’s a tooth fairy there somewhere watching over.

Letty stark
a month ago

Thank you Dr. Williams and Erica, for the great thorough check-up. You both made me feel comfortable.for my first check-up, as a new patient. I am looking forward for my cleaning appointment.

Nicole Manson
2 months ago

Finding unique smiles dentistry has put all of my anxieties at ease. Dr.Williams is amazing & so is her staff. Highly recommend!

Krystle Sheahen
3 months ago

Best dental experience I've ever had. That's saying A LOT coming from me because I've always been terrified of going to the dentist. Dr. Deepa and all the staff are incredibly sweet and welcoming. I'd definitely recommend anyone to go here ESPECIALLY if you've always been anxious about the dentist.

Janet Hundley
a month ago

Dr Williams and her staff have been great. I’ve had an ongoing problem and they are very understanding, accommodating and very professional with procedures and choices.Dr. Williams is always checking in to be sure things are going ok.

Brian Gardner
5 months ago

Very happy with the visit. Extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in a manner that was easy to understand. Helped discuss not only short term but long term dental needs that just made sense overall. Why can't every dentist be like Dr. Williams!!! My favorite dentist hands down.

patsy bruno
3 months ago

I have never met or been to a more passionate, caring Dentist in my entire life!! Dr. Williams and all her staff are all there to help make your whole experience the greatest. She is the ONLY Dentist I have gone to that is not out to lie to you about your care and procedure(s). She will go above and beyond to educate and help make your oral care the best it can be.

Douglas Martin
7 months ago

Dr. Williams and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and attentive to your needs. I’ve contacted Dr. Williams after office hours with a problem and she responded in minutes. She truly cares about the patients and I would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone with dental needs. I’ve had a tooth extracted and an implant, both went very well. The dental assistants and hygienists are also great!

Em Maybrook Team
5 months ago

Dr Williams and her team are very caring and has a unique way of making you feel that they have your best interest while handling your dental needs. My teeth cleaning visit with Erika this morning was extraordinary and I recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent dentistry practice in McHenry!

Jenna Corchin
5 months ago

I had an emergency and needed to be seen ASAP. The office got me in right away and Dr Williams was beyond excellent! Kathy, her assistant, was also amazing (as always!) This was the first time meeting Dr Williams since Dr Hasken had retired and she was sooo sweet & went above and beyond to explain what was going on and with offering to call her after hours if need be. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful dentist who truly cares about her patients!

Cesar Fuentes
a month ago

Doctor Williams is very kind, she makes me feel so comfortable and trying to help me so much! She's great. Thank you Dr. Williams.

Andrew Bordenaro
4 months ago

Very friendly and informational! Did a great job with my teeth cleaning. Definitely highly recommend Unique Smiles Dentistry not only for their excellent staff and service but for all the information they provide about your smile!

Anne Smith
6 months ago

When Dr. Williams took over the practice of our dentist of over thirty years, we had a decision to make. We decided to give Dr. Williams a try. We are glad that we did. First, she has kept the staff from Dr. Hasken's practice. Second, we are very happy with the upbeat atmosphere Dr. Williams has encouraged. Third, Dr. Williams has shown that she is an excellent dentist with a cheerful personality. I feel confident and at ease in her care and the care of her staff.

Ely Rowlett
a month ago

Dr. Deepa Williams and her staff were so welcoming and kind to my mother. She was very thorough with the treatment plan and understanding about financials. Very happy with this office and staff.

Carol Rios
5 months ago

I like the fresh new look of the office. And it's always a pleasure when Erika cleans my teeth, she is so accommodating to my needs & just genuinely a nice person, to talk to about any concerns. Thank You! It was also nice welcoming the New Dentist to town

Charmaine Atienza
5 months ago

everyone that is part of dr williams’s team is extraordinary. i highly recommend going to get your teeth checked here, they care highly about your health and your experience. shout out to erin who cleaned my teeth, love her to death!

Elizabeth Eyles
7 months ago

Dr. Williams and her staff are the BEST! I love, love, love this office! Awesome cleaning, thorough check up, and action plan for home dental care. I also, paid to be on a plan for the year. A great deal! I could not be happier! My whole family goes here! ~Dr. Beth

KeiLee McClendon
a month ago

Most amazing dentist ever! I loved the staff and the doctor was so kind! Came all the way from Austin because they are so amazing!!

7 months ago

I just Love Unique Smiles Dentistry, Dr Williams, Erica, and Staff! Very Professional and Kind! Very Informative of any future problems I may have with my teeth and how to take care of them. Best Cleaning Ever - Just Love How My Teeth Feel After a Visit!

robert brand
7 months ago

I had a very pleasant visit to my new dentist Dr williams. She makes me feel comfortable and explains what needs to be done clearly. Kathy helped put in my implant in and is also professional and pleasant to be with. I feel lucky to have them for my dental healthcare.

Eileen Mullen
5 months ago

Dr Williams and her staff are wonderful. Rare these days that a doctor takes time to not only check everything but to also have a nice chat. Highly recommend Unique Smiles dentistry

Kyle Schneider
7 months ago

Dr. Williams was outstanding! I just met with her about a complex issue and she knew the problem immediately and took the proper steps to helping me. I feel better already! I'm sad to see Dr. Haskin go, but I'm glad Dr. Williams is here. I know my dental needs will be met and will return.

Sue Koleno
3 months ago

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Unique Smiles and Dr. Williams for anyone looking for a fabulous dentist.

Rick Pohl
6 months ago

I had a bridging crown come loose. The doctor found decay in the teeth supporting the crown. The doctor was able to remove the decay and build the teeth back up. I’ll be getting a new crown in a couple weeks. Thank you so much for saving my teeth and all your work in building them up.

Zenaida Choin
7 months ago

My experience was very pleasant.The doctor was very friendly and answered my questions professionally. Jann the assistant who was being trained by Kathy did a good job. Unique Smiles Dentistry has a great team!Erika Dragon the dental hygienist was very gentle and answered my questions.Very professional and friendly.

Anna Murray
8 months ago

Writing this review on behalf of my mom: I recently found myself with a severely infected tooth! I was in extreme pain and Dr Williams comforted me and confidently told me she would take good care of me. And she did just that. She was informative, compassionate, and very professional! Even checked in me later that night. If you are looking for an awesome Dentist. Look no further. Maria Sullivan

John Schwall
6 months ago

My hygienist Erin is so kind & considerate of my sensitive teeth. I met my new dentist Dr. Williams who is also very kind & suggested removing some of my lower front teeth due to significant bone loss after viewing an X-ray that Erin had taken of those teeth.

Robin O'Reilly
6 months ago

The staff and Dr. Williams are just amazing. Super gentle, friendly and quality exams and offer different solutions that suits patients needs. No doubts about going back for whatever my future needs are.

Tina Wagner
7 months ago

Dr. Williams is very personable and cares about your comfort during your visit. Anyone who has fears of the dentist would be comfortable with her. She is surrounded by a great team who are also very personable and help in making the visit to the dentist more enjoyable. I recommend Unique Smiles Dentistry to anyone especially those that dread going to the dentist.

Cheri Martin
8 months ago

Wonderful dentist and team. Very positive and caring. Professional and relaxed atmosphere. My husband saw her for tooth pain that ended up being a cracked tooth-she was able to pull it that day and called to check in on him the next. I had a more conventional visit, but was quite impressed. Highly recommend.

5 months ago

Dr. Williams was very professional and answered all of my questions. She was very caring and kind as well. I would definitely recommend her practice.

Steve Haas
2 months ago

The Dr. And staff are always friendly, efficient, and keep up with new technologies. I would definitely recommend Unique Smiles!

Alan Brankline
7 months ago

Dr Williams repaired and restored my chipped front tooth beautifully. Her skills and personal manner are unparalleled and spot on. Her tech and admin staff made me feel welcomed . I am so very grateful Dr Williams has a practice here.

Cindy Bateman
8 months ago

My dentist for over 35 years retired. This was the first time seeing Doctor Williams. She was warm and friendly, and immediately put me at ease. She discovered a fairly major problem with a tooth, and she took a lot of time to show me all the films and explain in detail, all my options. The rest of the staff remained the same and it appears the transition has gone smoothly. Everyone at Unique Smiles Dentistry is wonderful! I highly recommend them!

Tracy Schaller
3 months ago

I was a longtime patient of Dr Hasken, and this was my first time meeting Dr Williams. I had a routine cleaning, then Dr Williams came in - she was very friendly and professional.

Denise Maifield
6 months ago

Very happy with Dr Williams professionalism and her pleasant and caring nature. The staff is the most helpful and friendly group I have ever experienced in an office.

Norma Urbina
2 months ago

Staff was AMAZING! Made me comfortable and welcomed. Had a few scheduling issues but I'm glad we got past that.