Meet Dr. Williams


A warm hello, my name is Dr. Deepa Williams, DDS. I have been dedicated and passionately involved in Dentistry since 2007. I am passionately focused on delivering the best patient care and a lifetime of trusting experiences for my patients. I treat patients of all ages and levels of health, including children, adults, and senior citizens. I provide comprehensive preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and family dental care in the McHenry area. I have the utmost respect for my patients and strive to provide them with the compassionate, individualized care they need and deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives free from dental disease and discomfort.

My Philosophy: I approach my work with the philosophy that patient involvement is essential for a lifetime of good dental health. Dentistry is for you, decided by you, and with active participation from you. I strongly believe in patients understanding their treatment plans being a huge part of this practice.

Why I Became A Dentist? Dentistry has always been about patient comfort and needs for me. Since a young age, I knew that I wanted to do something that would make a positive difference in people’s lives and the world around me. Dentistry has provided me with that opportunity and my journey as a Dentist has been an exceedingly rewarding and remarkable experience.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about my work is getting to know my patients on a personal level and the unique traits that make them shine brightly as individuals. I believe that what makes you unique is what makes you beautiful.

Professional Credentials

After finishing dental school in India, I completed an Endodontics residency and entered private practice for a couple of years. I had the experience of treating European tourists during this time and patients with extensive treatment needs. Later, I moved to New York City and became associated with the NYU School of Dentistry. During this time, I had the opportunity to be involved in various research projects in Clinic Dentistry. Afterwards, I was accepted into the UCLA School of Dentistry for a residency in Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

I absolutely enjoyed my time in school and am extremely grateful for the experience. I believe my education is an important part of what has allowed me to find success as a Dentist and I constantly strive to pass on the knowledge and insight I’ve gained to my patients.

I have been practicing in Illinois for about two years now and am incredibly excited about opening my own dental office in McHenry.

Life-Changing Transformations

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness extraordinary transformations in my patients’ health. As an Endodontist, I performed complex root canal cases, re-treatment endo cases, broken instruments retrieval, non-surgical treatment of periapical cystic lesions, and extremely curved roots endodontic management. I am also skilled in crown and bridge work, surgical extraction, and minor oral surgical procedures.

I'm Passionate About Learning


I am passionate about and believe in constant learning. It drives me to stay connected to different organizations. My professional memberships & affiliations are as follows:
  • Board Member at Chicago AGD (Academy of General Dentistry)
  • Member of CDS (Chicago Dental Society)
  • Member of ISDS (Illinois State Dental Society)
  • Board Member at Chicago AGD (Academy of General Dentistry)
  • Member of CDS (Chicago Dental Society)
  • Member of ISDS (Illinois State Dental Society)
  • Member of AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry)
  • Member of ADA (American Dental Association)

Patient Testimonial

By far the very best dental experience I have had. The time was taken to make sure I understood exactly how the process was going to unfold and what to expect. Dr. Williams made sure I was able to contact her directly with and issues or questions. I was even contacted personally by her numerous times while I was recovering. What a wonderful doctor and person. They need more stars. 5 stars is not enough! Scott Kesner

Family & Gratitude

I deeply value my relationships with people and the world around me. I strive to live my life to the fullest and I am passionate about learning and building meaningful connections with others.

I am grateful for my wonderful family and their unconditional love and support of my dreams and ambitions. I am married to my amazing husband Spencer, and we reside in Elgin, IL. We cherish our time together, enjoy hiking and being outdoors to experience nature, and meeting new people.

Sincerely, Dr. Deepa Williams, DDS


I Would Love to be Your Dentist

My work is focused on the prevention of oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, as well as providing in-depth care for patients with extensive treatment needs. I treat patients with tooth cavities, gum disease, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, mouth sores, tooth erosion, dental emergencies, and other unique oral health needs. I have the utmost respect for my patients and strive to provide them with the compassionate, individualized care they deserve and need to live happy, fulfilling lives free from dental disease and discomfort.

Whether you’re visiting my office for the first time or are a returning patient here for a routine cleaning or oral health exam, I want you to feel that your health is in the hands of someone you can trust. My goal is to make you feel welcomed and comfortable during your visit. I want you to be able to feel that you can ask questions and express your concerns freely without being judged, as if you were talking to a good friend. As my valued patient, your health and happiness are deeply important to me. I want you to be able to live your best life and greet each day with a sparkling smile on your face.

If you are looking for a new family general dentist or cosmetic dentist or have questions or concerns about your oral health, I welcome you to contact my office at (815) 385-0777. My team will be more than happy to help you schedule an appointment on a day and time that is convenient for you. Together, we can shape a bright outlook for your future and steer you towards a path of good long-term dental health and total wellness.

We Love Our Patients

I am looking forward to serving you! Unique Smiles Dentistry is proud to serve the McHenry, IL community. We are grateful for the wonderful reviews and testimonials from our family of patients.